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  1. Выбери нужное (10 баллов)

a)English people never ......when they eat.

  1. talks 2) has talked

3) is talking 4) talk
b) John ... French at the moment.

  1. learn 2) learns

3) is learning 4) learnt
c) When the train ... I shall meet you.

1) are coming 2) will come

  1. come 4) comes

d) Gordon ... here for twelve years.

  1. live 2) lives

3) is living 4) has lived

  1. Побери подходящее по смыслу слово: (10 баллов)

  1. I find it difficult to talk to Tom because we have so-----------------in common.

1)few 2) little 3) small

  1. The information is top secret, so naturally, everybody is interested in--------------.

1) them 2) their 3) it
c)Save your money but don’t put------------- in the bank.

1)them 2) their 3) it

  1. Заполни пропуски в предложениях: (10 баллов)

  1. “I must see Charles this afternoon.” – “ I’ll call you just as soon as------------

1) he’ll arrive b) he’s arriving c) he arrives
b)The meeting was ---------------I had expected.

1) longer than 2) the longest 3) more longer

c)Tom asked if that train --------------at York.

1) stopped 2) stops c) will stop

  1. Заполни пропуски в предложениях: (10 баллов)

a)Mr. Jones asked where -----------------

1)was the office 2)the office was 3)is the office

  1. “Shall I call you at 3 o’clock?” “ No, call me at five. I don’t know where----- at 3 o’clock.”

1)I’ve been 2) I’ll be 3) shall I be

  1. If I could drive we-----------------to take the car.

1)would be able 2)will be able 3) shall be able

  1. Выбери нужное (5 баллов)

a) The lorries .... in Japan last year.

  1. were made 2) will be made

3) have been made 4) are made
b) We knew that the boys ......with us.

  1. was angry 2) have been angry

3) were angry 4) will be angry

  1. Укажите правильный вариант (10 баллов)

1) I wonder……

a)where he is. b) where is he .

  1. Mike asks me …….

a) is he right. b) if he is right.

  1. I doubt……..

a) if she will call Nick. b) will she call Nick.

  1. Подбери правильный предлог (10 баллов)

    1. I couldn’t listen ------the radio.

a)at b) to c) on

    1. I am proud--------- my elder brother.

a) on b) from c)of d) at

    1. She objects …… our criticism.

a) at b) for c) from d) to

    1. She looks ……..her little brother like a mother.

a) after b) for c) through
8. Выбери нужное (10 баллов)

a) Ellen... a hard life before she got married.

  1. had 2) has had

3) had had 4) will have
b)You.... to read the book again.

  1. can 2) must

3) will have 4) was able
c) Dust slowly covered .......

  1. something 2) everything

3) anything 4) nothing
9. Выбери нужное (10 баллов)

a) «Whose picture is it?» -« It’s .......»

  1. him 2) mine

3) her 4) your
b) That’s good news, .... ?

  1. isn’t it 2) aren’t they

3) is it 4) are they

c) We all ....him good luck when he was leaving.

1) told 2) wished

3) said 4) gave

10. Выбери нужное (10 баллов)

a) Russian is a ... language to learn.

1) native 2) different

3) common 4) difficult

b) To develop their ... famous people worked hard.

1) habits 2) abilities

3) customs 4) alarms

c) See you ... . Don’t work too hard.

1) late 2) soon

3) lately 4) quickly

d)These goods are not much in ... just now.

1) depend 2) demand

3) defend 4) decrease
11 .Завершите предложения (10 баллов)

  1. He said he would sign the contract….

a) the day before. b) the next day.

  1. She told me she had sent me the telegram ……

a) the day before b) the day after tomorrow.

  1. He said he had met his sister at the station…..

a) by that time b) at that time.

Read the text

Everyone has heard of Sherlock Holmes. The author of all the Sherlock Holmes stories was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Once Sir Arthur was in Paris. He was going from the railroad station to the hotel where he decided to spend the night. He arrived at the hotel. He got out of the taxi and paid the taxi-driver.

«Thank you very much, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle», said the taxi-driver smiling.

«Oh, do you know who I am ?» said Sir Arthur . He was very surprised.

«Well, sir , I read in the newspaper yesterday that you were coming to Paris from the south of France. The train on which you arrived came from the south of France. I also noticed that your hair was last cut by a barber in the south of France. Your

clothes, and especially your hat, told me that you were English. I put all this together and I realized at once that you were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.»

«That is wonderful», said Sir Arthur. «With so few facts you were really able to know me ?»

«Of course», said the taxi-driver, « your name is on both your travelling bags. That also helped».

12. Определите тему текста и закончите предложение (5 баллов)

The text is about ... .

1) Sherlock Holmes in Paris

2) the famous detective Sherlock Holmes

3) the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories

4) the railroad station hotel

13. Выберите предложение, не соответствующее содержанию текста (5 баллов)

1) Conan Doyle was angry with the taxi-driver.

2) Conan Doyle came to the hotel in a taxi.

3) The taxi-driver thanked Conan Doyle smiling.

4) The newspapers wrote about Conan Doyle’s visit to Paris.
14. Укажите правильный ответ на вопрос (5 баллов)

Why was Conan Doyle surprised?

1) The taxi-driver was rude to him 2) The taxi-driver did not like his clothes.

3) The taxi-driver could not speak English. 4) The taxi-driver knew his name.

15. Закончите предложение словом соответствующим содержанию текста (5 баллов)

The taxi-driver was a ... person.

1) lazy 2) quick-witted

3) strange 4) stupid

16. Выберите наиболее удачный заголовок (5 баллов)

1) Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes.

2) Sherlock Holmes in Paris.

3) The Clever taxi-Driver.

4) Sherlock Holmes and the taxi-Driver.
17. Выбери нужное (10 баллов)

a) The flag of the United States is called ... .

1) «The Stars and Stripes» 2) «The Union Jack»

3) «The Banner» 4) «The Flag»

b) The Niagara Falls are the largest waterfalls in ... .

1) Africa 2) Australia

3) North America 4) South America

18. Выберите нужное (10 баллов)

а)The English loved ... since the days of Shakespeare.

1) music 2) the cinema

3) the theatre 4) painting
в) «The Happy Prince» is a fairytale by ... .

1) H. Ch. Andersen 2) Oscar Wilde

3) Ch. Dickens 4) Walter Scott

19. Выбери нужное (15 баллов)

a) Поблагодарите хозяина, у которого Вы были в гостях

1) Thanks for a nice party. 2) I’m awfully glad.

3) How beautiful. 4) Have a good time.
b). Подруга предлагает купить кофе и булочку. Ответьте согласием

1) Thank you very much. 2) Yes, why not.

3) That’s all right. 4) Well done!

c) Посочувствуйте брату

1) You are happy 2) How kind of you.

3) I’m sorry for you. 4) I apologize.

20.Подбери к предложениям из колонки А соответствующие предложения из колонки В (20 б)



1.“If I were you, I would hire this driver.”

2. “I must say it was me who hired this driver.”

3. “I wouldn’t hire this driver . This could be dangerous.”

4. “ I am sorry I hired the driver.”

  1. “Go on, hire this driver . It’s a wonderful idea.”

  2. “I didn’t hire this driver. He was hired by the previous manager.”

  3. “Don’t forget to hire him. We need a good driver.”

  4. “I will not hire him under any circumstances. He hasn’t got a driver’s license.”

  5. “I will hire this driver if you want.”

  6. “Hire this driver now! Don’t lose this opportunity.”

  1. He ordered me to hire the driver.

  2. He reminded me to hire the driver.

  3. He advised me to hire the driver.

  4. She encouraged me to hire the driver.

  5. He warned me not to hire the driver.

  6. He refused to hire the driver.

  7. He offered to hire the driver.

  8. He admitted hiring the driver.

  9. He apologized for hiring the driver.

  10. He denied hiring the driver.”


  1. Выбери нужное (10 баллов)

а) The Moon ... round the Earth.

  1. go 2) goes

3).went 4) gone
b) Mike... the picture on page 22.

  1. describe 2) have described

3) is describing 4) describing
c) If he ... , he will hurt himself.

  1. fall 2) falls

3).will fall 4) fell

d) Jack ... Kate for two years.

  1. haven’t seen 2) was seen

3).hasn’t seen 4) will see

2.Подбери подходящее по смыслу слово (10 баллов)

a) She looks about 20, but in fact she ‘s much ---------she looks

1) older than 2) more older than 3) oldest than

b) If I have time I ---------go to the concert.

1) will 2) have 3) will have

  1. Helen is a bad typist. She types----------

1) careless 2) carelessly 3) carefully

3.Заполни пропуски в предложениях (10 баллов)

  1. “Is Nick still in Boston?” – “No, he--------- in Chicago for nine months now.”

1) has been 2) is 3) was

  1. “Did you go to the concert yesterday?” – “No, I-------with my sister.”

1) must stay 2) had to stay 3) must staying

  1. The policeman asked me what ------when I saw her last.

1) was she wearing 2) she was wearing 3) did she wear.

4. Заполни пропуски в предложениях (10 баллов)

  1. “Who ------to go to the cinema with us?”

1) want 2) does want 3) wants

  1. What will you do if he--------you tonight?

1) will not pay 2) hasn’t paid 3) doesn’t pay

  1. Mr. Brown asked where-------

1) was the office 2) the office was 3)is the office.

5. Выбери нужное (5баллов)

a)The new school ... last year.

  1. open 2) opens

3).will open 4) was opened
b)Nobody told us that we ... the poem by heart.

  1. learn 2) shall learn

3).should learn 4) learned

6. Укажите правильный вариант перевода (10 баллов)

a) If I meet her today, I shall give her my ticket.

  1. Если я встречу ее сегодня, я отдам ей свой билет.

  2. Если бы я встретила ее сегодня, я отдала бы ей свой билет.

b) If he knew French, he would be able to help us.

  1. Если он знает французский , он нам поможет.

  2. Если бы он знал французский, он бы нам помог.

c) If she has money, she will buy this hat.

  1. Если бы у нее были деньги, она бы купила эту шляпу.

  2. Если у нее будут деньги, она купит эту шляпу.

7. Подберите правильный предлог.(10 баллов)

    1. What are you looking ------? The kitten , playing in the yard.

1) for 2) at 3) through

    1. Look, Ann is getting ------- her car.

1) off 2) out of 3) from

    1. Pete is trying to give ----- smoking.

1) in 2) out of 3) up

8.Выбери нужное (10 баллов)

a)She spoke very softly and nobody ... hear her.

  1. can 2) could

3).must 4) might
b)My sister ... dinner when I came in.

  1. will cook 2) had cooked

3).were cooked 4) were cooking
c)You ... open the window . It is raining.

  1. shan’t 2) won’t have

3) hasn’t to 4) mustn’t

9.Выбери нужное(10 баллов)

а)That is your coat there; ... is here.

1) me 2) my

3) mine 4) I

b)We must try to spend ... money.

1) a few 2) few

3) less 4) least

c) Margarette ... in love with her brother’s friend.

  1. got 2) became

3).fell 4) felt
10.Выберите нужное (10 баллов)

a) This girl wants to ... in this football match.

  1. take part 2) took part

3)take place 4) take notice

b)When will you... your exam in the English language ?

  1. take 2) leave

3).pass 4) get

c)«To» is the opposite of»...».

1) There 2) From

3) Under 4) On

11. Выберите правильный вопрос к предложению (5баллов)

Susan and Tom bought a big house in the country.

1) Did Susan and Tom bought a big house in the country?

2) Did Susan and Tom buy a big house in the country?

3) Bought Susan and Tom a big house in the country?

4) Do Susan and Tom buy a big house in the country?

Read the text.

The Romans came to Cambridge in the first century A.D. They built the first bridge over the river Cam and gave the town its name. Cambridge is best known for its historic university. It was in 1284 that Peterhouse College, the oldest college in Cambridge , was founded. In those early days the

students’ life was hard. Students were not allowed to play games, sing and dance or even hunt and fish.

Both the town and the university grew very quickly. In 1475 there were already twelve colleges in Cambridge. Today the university has thirty-five colleges. Each college has more or less its own character and individuality. There are students of all kinds in each college. Every college has its arts students and science students, its medical students and its engineers. Every student , of course, follows his or her own course of study. They learn many useful things from each other living under the same roof.

Many great men have studied at Cambridge, among them Bacon, Milton, Cromwell, Newton, Wordsworth and Byron.
12.Определи тему текста и закончи предложение (5 баллов)

The text is about.....

  1. the Romans in Cambridge

  2. science students in Cambridge

  3. the history of Cambridge university

  4. the oldest college in Cambridge

13.Выбери предложение , не соответствующее содержанию текста.(5 баллов)

  1. The Romans came to Cambridge in the first century A.D.

  2. The oldest college was founded in the thirteenth century.

  3. The students gave the town its name Cambridge.

  4. Cambridge is best known for its university.

14. Укажите правильный ответ на вопрос.(5 баллов)

How many colleges are there in Cambridge nowadays ?

  1. There are very many colleges .

  2. There are twenty colleges.

  3. There are thirty-five colleges.

  4. There are students of all kinds.

15.В тексте слово learn означает (5 баллов)

1)учить 2) узнавать

3) изучать 4) проучить
16.Выбери наиболее удачный заголовок (5 баллов)

1) Сambridge in Old Times.

  1. Students’ Life in Cambridge

  2. Historic University

  3. Cambridge Great Men.

17.Выбери нужное(10 баллов)

a)The capital of the United States is....

  1. New York 2) San Francisco

3).Washington DC 4) Los Angeles

b)The Statue of Liberty was presented to the United States of America by the freedom-loving people


  1. Italy 2) Britain

3).Australia 4) France
18.Выбери нужное( 10 баллов)

a).......was a well-known English naval captain and explorer.

  1. Columbus 2) Robinson Crusoe

3). James Cook 4) Robin Hood
b)Charles Darwin is a world-famous.... scientist.

  1. American 2) French

3).English 4) German

19.Выбери нужное (10 баллов)

a) San Francisco is the birthplace of the famous American writer.... . .

  1. O.Henry 2) Mark Twain

3).Jack London 4) Th.Dreiser
b) W.Somerset Maugham is the well-known .…. writer. «The Luncheon» was written by him.

  1. Canadian 2) Australian

3).English 4) American
c) Вырази сочувствие подруге, которой не удалось поступить в Университет

  1. I‘m so sorry ! 2) Don’t mention it.

3).Never mind. 4) See you soon.

20. Подбери к предложениям из колонки А соответствующие предложения из колонки В (20 баллов)



1.“Fire the secretary NOW!

  1. “I must be off now, don’t forget to fire that incompetent secretary.”

  2. “OK, I’ll fire the secretary .”

  3. “I didn’t fire the secretary.”

  4. “Yes, it was me who fired the secretary”.

  5. “I won’t fire this secretary under any circumstances.”

  6. “If I were you, I would fire this secretary.”

  7. You shouldn’t fire the secretary, this may cause problems.

  8. I am sorry I fired the secretary.

  9. “Go on, fire her.”

A.He denied firing the secretary.

B. He warned me not to fire the secretary.

C. He ordered me to fire the secretary.

D. He refused to fire the secretary.

E. He agreed to fire the secretary.

F. He advised me to fire the secretary.

G. He encouraged me to fire the secretary.

H. He apologized for firing the secretary.

I.He admitted firing the secretary.

J. He reminded me to fire the secretary.